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Preserving Your Past, Building Your Future

TCE & Associates, Inc. (Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc.) has been a major supplier of Consulting Structural Engineering services since 1962. In addition to providing engineering services in New Construction, we have also earned the respect of the industry for our landmark work in Renovations, Additions, Repair, Restoration, Waterproofing, and Historical Preservation.

Our firm also employs a team of structural engineers solely dedicated to quality assurance inspection of both new construction and repair work.

Our New Construction Division consists of registered structural engineers qualified to design and prepare construction documents for projects ranging from simple structural modifications through complex high-rise buildings.

Our Repair and Restoration Division specializes in forensic analysis for the repair and restoration of damaged and deteriorated structures. Both our New Construction and Repair and Restoration divisions offer special skills in work on buildings of historical significance which are recognized as second to none in the industry.

Our staff numbers nearly 70 professionals that include registered structural engineers, forensic engineers, certified value engineers and structural computer analysts.

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BlueprintsA Professional, Innovative, Responsive and Expert Structural Engineering Firm

TCE has performed major repairs, restoration, historic preservation, and litigation services to condominium and apartment communities, historic structures, museums, and many other prominent landmarks and office buildings.

Our experienced engineers and architects have completed small and large projects which have included total building envelope, roofing, plaza, waterproofing, complete window and glass door replacements, garage deterioration, facade restoration, hurricane and earthquake design, cracking brick and foundation settlement, termite damage, wood rot and deterioration, and structural analysis of damage.

Another benefit to our clients is our familiarity with older projects designed by TCE that have eventually fallen into disrepair over the years, and are now requiring repair and restoration services. This combination has proven to be very successful with the previous experience we acquired during the original construction for projects such as Washington Harbour, the International Monetary Fund, and Georgetown Park Mall.

Then and now, projects designed by TCE are recognizable worldwide, as are the architects, developers, owners, and contractors with whom the firm has worked over these past many years.

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